Amylphenol Disulfide DOVULC-5
      2018-09-05 23:04

      DOVULC-5 contains the active sulfur which can vulcanizate rubber under heating. The vulcanizater has high tensile strength and excellent heat-resistant. It is much the same as foreign product Vultac5.

      Index Names Indexes
      Appearance Light yellow to brown flakiness
      50 Mesh sieve residue,% ≥98
      20 Mesh sieve residue,% ≥99
      Sulfur Content,% 18.5-21.0
      DOVULC-5 is used as vulcanizing agent for NR, ER, IIR, BR etc. It can be widely used for tire producing, conveyor belt, triangle belt, rubber-covered roll, etc.
      It will not produce nitrosamines toxic gases in the process of vulcanization. The reference dosage is 0.5~5 phr.
      Package and Storage
      Packaged in kraft paper sack with inner plastic bag. Net weight is 25kg for each bag . Kept in indoor, drying and ventilating

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